Got a free couple of minutes? My name is Buddy and I would love to tell you about my story. I 1st came to Michiana in May. My friends here have taken adorable care of me. I really do love them, but what I want most is to find my very own family an...
Okay, okay! We agree! Vanilla has the coolest colored eyes ever! And don't even get us started on how amazing her purrsonality is! She is a young fully grown, maybe 1-2yrs old, and is already spayed. Have we mentioned that she is the cutest lady you'll meet?! We were 1st lucky enough to meet her in July. It took no time at all to fall head over heels for this beauty. Vanilla is the purrfect kit...
Hey guys! Sunshine here! I am a three month old adorably attractive orange tabby. I tell you what, I sure am a boy with lots of love to give! I have overheard my friends here calling me Mister Purrfect . I try not to eavesdrop, okay, maybe that is a little lie, because I was totally trying to hear what they were saying about me! But anywhoooo....my friends say that I am perfect in every way. Fo...
I was just saying to myself just this morning, "Arnie," I said, "Arnie Palmer, you know what you need? You need a person all your own." So I sat down to write this post for the nice Michiana Humane Society people, because apparently that's the kind of thing they do - find nice people for extremely intelligent kitties who are...I shudder to type this...LAPLESS. That's right: I have no lap to cal...
Hello my new best friends! My name is Lola. I'm about 1 yr old and am spayed. In May, I arrived at Michiana Humane Society as a stray with several babies of my own to raise. I worked hard to be such a good momma to my little babes. It came naturally to me and I did so good. But now, it is my turn and I am ready to find my home and my new family. I am not the kind of gal to brag, but, I do have ...
We're not obsessed. You're obsessed. Okay, fine. We are obsessed, too. If you just came to the shelter and met Newton, you will see very quickly why we are so obsessed... Newton 1st came to the shelter as a small kitten with a lower jaw wound. He was able to spend some time in a very loving foster home where he could heal. From day one, Newton was the most charismatic and charming fellow. He co...
14-Sep-2018Westville, IN+11 milesCats for Sale
Boots is very social and likes to greet people at the door. She loves to be petted but can become overstimulated and might try to scratch if you stop petting her too soon. She would do best in a home where she is the center of attention and possibly with a retired person that can give her a lot of love and attention. She would most likely do best as an only cat.
14-Sep-2018Westville, IN+11 milesCats for Sale
Satina is the more affectionate of the Devinity Satina duo. She loves to be petted and hugged. She is very bonded to Devinity and would need to be adopted together. She loves to curl up in a box with her sister and a few other kitties and watch what is going on.
14-Sep-2018Westville, IN+11 milesCats for Sale
When Tiger came to the ICS he had a hard time adjusting. He just hid and did not want to interact with people or other cats. This seems to be improving. He will come to be petted, but is still a little reserved. He doesn't seem interested in the other cats yet so it is unsure how he would interact with other animals in a home. With patience we believe he would be a delightful pet for most homes.
14-Sep-2018Westville, IN+11 milesCats for Sale
Riley is shy, and cautious with people, but he likes to play (and loves treats!) He would do best in a quiet home with a patient person. Please come and meet him (and his sister, Victoria) in the room called Freckles. He is easy to spot with his bat-like ears and long slender body.
14-Sep-2018Westville, IN+11 milesCats for Sale
Bella's room Mom states that although the little dilute tortie is extremely shy, she believes that with a loving and very patient home Bella would blossom into a adorable kitty companion. She is a very curious girl who likes to watch the goings on the room. She gives good "kitty kisses"( slow blinks of affection. She also seems to like being sung to.
14-Sep-2018Westville, IN+11 milesCats for Sale
Marsh a Mallow is a precious girl who would rather not share any attention she gets with another cat. She would do best as the only cat/pet in your home. She adores attention and loves cat treats. She is not much for playing with cat toys. Marsh a mallow will sometimes come sit next to you and let you pet and love on her, but only on her terms.
14-Sep-2018Westville, IN+11 milesCats for Sale
Beauty is very friendly and she loves to be petted. She is lovable and playful. She loves to hide in blankets and play with toys. Beauty doesn't play with other cats but is not aggressive. She might do best as a only cat.
14-Sep-2018Westville, IN+11 milesCats for Sale
Onyx was a member of a blended family of orphaned kittens raised in a foster home. Onyx is now ready for a home of his own, but he will need a patient person who can help him adapt his behavior. He's a very lively young fella with lots of energy. Please come in and meet Onyx in the room called Scruffy. He will grab your attention right away. His room Mom says: Golden -eyed Onyx is a very loving...
14-Sep-2018Westville, IN+11 milesCats for Sale
Victoria was the lone female in a litter of exquisite black kittens. She has just a touch of white on her throat. Victoria is shy, but a real sweetie! You will probably find her curled up in a bed watching from a distance (but if you bring treats, she'll be front and center!) Please come in to meet her in the room called Freckles. (Her brother, Riley, is there as well!)
14-Sep-2018Westville, IN+11 milesCats for Sale
Ollie is the more outgoing of the pair, (Boo & Ollie). He is a little cautious of new people but will warm up and would make a cute pet for your family.
14-Sep-2018Westville, IN+11 milesCats for Sale
Claudia is cautious of new people but she will approach you when she wants some attention. She loves to play and is very friendly and sociable with the other cats.
14-Sep-2018Westville, IN+11 milesCats for Sale
Bebe was born in 2010. She was rescued from a hoarding situation and is fearful of other cats. Bebe is quite gentle and she really loves catnip. Bebe likes to run and play but would do best in a home as the only cat.
14-Sep-2018Westville, IN+11 milesCats for Sale
Boo is the shyer of the pair (Boo & Ollie). She initially hides from new people but given time to warm up to you she will come out and get some attention.
14-Sep-2018Westville, IN+11 milesCats for Sale
Spookie is a stunning longer hair boy that just wishes someone would notice him and how special he is. He would make a cute addition to any home. Come meet this gorgeous boy in the room called Bower. Additional Info Great with Cats: Yes De-clawed: No Housetrained: Yes Special Needs: No Spay/Neutered: Yes Size: Medium Up To Date on Vaccines: Yes Color: Black Coat Length: Medium Activity Level: M...
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