19-Jul-2018Valparaiso, IN(20 miles)Items Wanted
low income first time on own.
19-Jul-2018Valparaiso, IN(20 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking to update my preschool classroom with some kid size living room furniture. Looking for a couch and one or two arm chairs.
18-Jul-2018Valparaiso, IN(20 miles)Items Wanted
I d like to try building a stovetop distiller for making essential oils from my garden herbs, like lavender. It would involve ruining my good pressure cooker which I d rather not do. So I thought I might find an old one not being used for experimenting. It doesn t need to build pressure, just a tight fitting lid with a tube stuck into the pressure release opening. Thanks, Deb
15-Jul-2018Valparaiso, IN(20 miles)Items Wanted
I need 129 regular building bricks for a small project.
15-Jul-2018Valparaiso, IN(20 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a replacement wheel for one of the rear high wheel push mower wheel for my neighbor.
15-Jul-2018Chesterton, IN(13 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a replacement wheel for one of the rear high wheel push mower wheel for my neighbor.
10-Jul-2018Valparaiso, IN(20 miles)Items Wanted
I have a JD 285 Garden Tractor that is firing on one cyl only. Replaced plugs, coils. still the same.Not sure what is needed to fix this but am hoping someone has a JD parts mower they don't want that I can salvage some electrical parts for mine.
4-Jul-2018Valparaiso, IN(20 miles)Items Wanted
Wanted any of above for 1/4 mile mail run. Doesnt have to be pretty, just run
3-Jul-2018Valparaiso, IN(20 miles)Items Wanted
In need of 8x8 or larger piece of linoleum. Color, style does not matter. Thank you!
30-Jun-2018Valparaiso, IN(20 miles)Items Wanted
In need of a dryer. If you have a working dryer that you no longer have use for I will be happy to get it out of your way. Mine stopped drying clothes. Thank you!
30-Jun-2018Chesterton, IN(13 miles)Items Wanted
Old radio equipment working or not 50/60,s cb ham stereo antennas etc
30-Jun-2018Valparaiso, IN(20 miles)Items Wanted
Wanted scratched lottery tickets by senior collector. dups fine, any state fine
18-Jun-2018Valparaiso, IN(20 miles)Items Wanted
Starting "piano Keyboard" classes for children at my church.If you have "functional" Piano keyboards that you are not using- let us take them off your hands
17-Jun-2018Valparaiso, IN(20 miles)Items Wanted
Air conditioning unit we currently do not have air
17-Jun-2018Valparaiso, IN(20 miles)Items Wanted
I was recently diagnosed with Diabetes, and I'd like a juicer so that I can juice vegetables and fruits. There's no way I can afford to buy one. Any help would be
17-Jun-2018Valparaiso, IN(20 miles)Items Wanted
My sister's window air conditioner is being replaced under warranty, but she won't receive the replacement for 2-3 weeks. She has COPD and being without air conditioning will be difficult for her. Does anyone have an unused 500-8000 BTU window a/c they could lend?
17-Jun-2018Valparaiso, IN(20 miles)Items Wanted
I'm looking for old whiskey or wine barrels to make pens and pencils on a wood lathe. So, nothing pristine, but not something I'll have to disinfect, either :-) The charred barrels make beautiful pens and they smell awesome when you're turning them. I'll be happy to provide a pen in return.
17-Jun-2018Valparaiso, IN(20 miles)Items Wanted
Any kind of working lawn mower.
17-Jun-2018Valparaiso, IN(20 miles)Items Wanted
Any one have any empty boxes they need to get off their hands? Please message me, thank you!
8-Jun-2018Chesterton, IN(13 miles)Items Wanted
If anyone has any tents they no longer want i could use them for my kids. Thanks in advance!
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